Bardak Blackhand, "Scowler"

Hard-nosed tank who believes he's the key to the Dwarven Stone Prophecies


A stout Redbeard with massive strength whose iron-reinforced War Hammer can cause anyone to tremble — if he hits, that is. Bardak isn’t one for ornament — his scalemail, tower shield, helmet, and hammer are almost all he needs.

Bardak does, however, pursue the Stone Prophecies, of which he has a copy, to the letter, trusting that his god Moradin will show him the way…somehow. Although not a priest, Bardak believes fervently in the power of Moradin and his quest — a myopia that may prove dangerous in the days to come.


Bardak was born in Hammerfast, served as a fighter in the mountains for many years, and made a name for himself in battle. It wasn’t until he was killed going toe to toe with the giants of the mountains — and then revived in Kyrrn two days later — that he began his quest to know more about the Stone Prophecies and his ancient forefather, Tarm Skyseeker. He dedicated himself to scholarship for a time, spending six months in the Lore Guild of Hammerfast before trekking into Ravania and hiring himself out as an apprentice to a master armorer in D’Falius. There, he bided his time in training and reading until “his group” came to find him through Moradin’s favor.

Bardak detests giants, of course, and has no love for goblins or dragons either. Non-dwarves and cowards he despises, but adores bards and sapphires — a sign of Moradin’s approval. Bardak also appreciates great courage, craftsmanship, honesty, and humor in any race, Dwarven or not.

Bardak Blackhand, "Scowler"

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